For the Past 5 Years I have worked for a company called Coolbus. They are a French transfer company based in the Tarentaise valley of the French alpes providing services to Frances most popular alpine destinations. Over the 5 years I have worked Freelance and In House as a designer, and on occasion I have even driven for them. They have been one of my main Freelance clients and we continue to work together to this day.

I have accomplished many different types of work for Coolbus. In the early days it was just a print ad here and there, but nowadays, they have there own 80+ page magazine which I am solely responsible for designing and producing, and have been for the past 4 years. The magazine splits in the middle, and caters for winter and summer. Other than the magazine I have designed such things as, Print ads, illustrations, Stickers, and even some ident animations for there youtube videos. Below is a few select pieces I have designed along the way.

You can check out all the issues I have designed here on issuu.